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Tank driving
Germany's biggest men's-playground !!!

forget once everyday worries and everyday-stress. Relax and do something completely crazy, something exceptional and extraordinary. You don't have to go back to school again and you needn`t accumulate theoretical knowledge, here it immediately comes off intro the practical part, because we want you to have fun. If you would like to drive even tanks with us once, you should not be younger than 16 years old to be able to experience the fun fully. There is no age restriction upwards. As long as you feel lusty enough for it, you are welcom. Even if you don`t like to drive on your own, but would like to experience such a tank trip with your friends or your children, it would not be a problem either. On the tank, up to 8 people can have a seat in the roof-garden.
©2010 KabelJournal Flöha




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